Manhattan Beach Kids and Bug Bite Dangers

Manhattan Beach Kids and Bug Bite Dangers Healthy Manhattan Beach kids love to play outdoors, but California parents need to be aware of a potential danger: bug bites. The ability to tell a harmful bug bite from a benign one is essential to keeping your active Manhattan Beach child safe.

Flea bites are common in Southern California, Los Angeles area, and Orange County. They appear as a rash on a child’s skin with individual raised spots that might have a puncture in the center. Manhattan Beach children will usually complain of itchy skin if they have been bitten by fleas.

Bee and wasp stings, also common in the Los Angeles area, can be differentiated by the number of stings. Bees only sting once, lose their stinger and then die, whereas wasps (as well as hornets and yellow jackets) can sting multiple times. California homes often harbor wasp nests under the eaves.

The sting of a fire ant will usually cause Los Angeles kids to have a red hive that may develop into a itchy, pus-filled lesion. Chiggers, which are tiny arachnids, cause multiple itchy red welts on kids’ skin. Check your local Manhattan Beach drugstore for itch-relief products and watch the welts for signs of infection.

Ticks bites will cause an uncomfortable redness on your Los Angeles child’s skin and may even swell. Since ticks can carry harmful diseases, you should contact your Manhattan Beach area pediatrician if you child has had a tick bite.

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